Website review Custom Essay

You are required to write a 1500 word (10% either way is acceptable) critical review of a Web site of your choice. You should analyse the site’s design, appeal, interface and usability and analyse the positive or negative effects these dimensions have on the target audience. You will refer to the set readings and your own independent research in executing a critical review set against a background of well-researched and informed assessment criteria. Be sure to check the validity of your sources and do not rely on just one for any given assertion. For example the first results in my Google book search gives me: “Jones says the placement of search fields on a homepage doesn’t really matter as the viewer’s gaze initially falls to the centre of the screen”. Whilst Jones is partially correct, “Smith, Brown and Stevens all say that the location and prominence of search fields on homepages is important because about 50% of users will immediately go to a search box rather than browse a site. Brown notes, many users know exactly what they are looking for and Smith adds that it is the Web designer’s role to make the user’s journey to his destination as quick and easy as possible”. In this (semi-fictional) example, reading one source in isolation leads to an incorrect assertion and also demonstrates poor research skills. Remember academia is meticulous, there is a body of literature on every subject you can think of. The purpose of this assignment is you to show your understanding of \”why things work\” (or don\’\’t work as the case may be) and to demonstrate a pragmatic understanding of the theories set out in the unit reader, lectures and your own independent research. You are expected to employ an appropriate system for referencing sources.

Marking Criteria:
– Demonstrated research into Web design theories of usability, audiences and reception, and design
– Application of Web design theories to a case study
– Clear written structure and presentation
– Appropriate sources and referencing

I have attached my lecture notes and my lecture readings.
Would it be possible to review the Lorna Jane website?
Also, if the website is too ‘big’ the website review can only be about the home page but it needs to be specified in the introduction if doing so.

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