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Module 5 – SLP

Reproduction & Basic Genetics

In this SLP, you will prepare a power point presentation in which you explain how the process of menstruation occurs in the female. Include in your discussion an overview of the hormones, LH, FSH, estrogen and progesterone, and how the menstrual cycle and ovulation cycles are interrelated. Compare with the hormone fluctuations in males that regulate oogenesis and secondary sex characteristics.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Number of Slides: 10

Content of Slides: Your presentation should address each of the areas listed above by including labeled images on the slide space and descriptive text in the notes sections of each slide.

Speaker Notes

Each slide will contain speaker notes sufficient to tell me what the purpose of each slide is—specifically, what you would say to a live audience that you were presenting your program to explain the physiology of the components of the immune system listed above.

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