Who should be responsible for workers safety? Custom Essay

Topic: Presentation
Within your group each member is to select one (1) of the following questions and complete a number of activities based on the usage of ethical and moral principles and theories; each group member cannot select the same question

1.Who should be responsible for workers safety? Why? Weigh up the rights and responsibilities of the employer and employee? Which has a higher weighting, and why?

Part B: Prepare a written summary of your answer or views: (5%)

– Prepare a set of up to five (5) power-point slides that:
o Present the embodied principles, concerns or issues of the question, and
o The ethical or moral arguments attached to the question, and
o Your answers or solutions or views to the question, and
– Prepare one (1) power-point slide that summarizes any reference sources used correctly cited, and
– Then print these slides in the following way:
o Three-slides per side of a double sided page, and
– Then hand in that copy to the lecturer who will produce enough copies for the group and the class.

Part C: Present your answer or views to the group: (5% and 5% = 10%)

You are to present your answers or views to your group in the following way:

– Only using the handout as your tool engage in a ten minute (min) presentation of the raised issues, views, and solutions, and
– Then engage in a five minute (min) open discussion with the group members on their views and answers to the raised question.

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